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Waste Not, Want Not

Community Service Needs

This year I am doing a self determined project, "Treasure Of Recycling".
The following items are things I am currently recycling to help with many community service projects that myself and other members of my 4-H Club have started and participate in. If you would like to donate items you may send them to me at the following address.
Prescription Bottles - clean with labels removed
vcr & dvd movies - donated to Childrens Hospital, Domestic Violence Center, shelters, local hospitals.
books - donated to shelters, hospitals, nursing homes
teddy bears - donated to hospitals, preschools, domestic violence centers and nursing homes.
cassett tapes & cd's - donated to nursing homes, hospitals, shelters and domestic violence centers.
board games, hand held games, puzzles - must be complete and in good condition - donated to nursing homes, shelters, hospitals, and domestic violence centers.
Christmas cards - (fronts only) we make Christmas stockings to fill with candy to give to Nursing homes, hospital, shelters, domestic violence centers, soup kitchens and in parades for Christmas. This year we made over 1200 stockings with candy canes.

Jacob Willard
P.O. Box 269
Barrackville, Wv 26559
or email:

Items we recycle:
Greeting and Christmas cards, Paper bags, Plastic bags, Register Slips...from Shop n Save. Also Campbells product labels and box tops, aluminum pull tabs from pop cans...Bag seperately.
Other things we collect: Magazines...clean and dry..mark out your address (goes to hospitals, shelters, nursing homes and over seas to our soldiers) Also need buttons, flowers, flower seeds, flower bulbs, film canisters with lids, neck ties, yarn, material, craft supplies, Halloween masks, computers and accessories, children games, crayons, markers, notebooks, notepads, white sheets, sleeping bags.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle